Monday, January 7, 2013

Salmon & Spinach Puff Pastry

I had a few rogue pieces of salmon in the freezer. Since we need four for our family, I was struggling to work them into this week's dinner menu until I recalled a super-delicious creation I made about 6 years BC (before calorie-control). It's crunchy, savory, and full of two of my favorite foods: salmon and spinach. Its simple flavors balance well and the flakey crust is divine (especially for carb-watchers like me). It easily feeds two adults and two kids, but tonight my husband and I ate the whole thing because our kids decided grilled cheese sounded better. To tell you the truth, I didn't fight them at all. I was fine with not sharing. ;-)

Here's What You Will Need:

Salmon & Spinach Puffed Pastry

• 1 puffed pastry sheet, thawed and rolled out to about 25-30% larger. *Use parchment paper
• 1/2 a package of frozen spinach, thawed, squeezed, wrung out, and squeezed again until it no longer gives up moisture
• 2- 5 to 6 ounce Atlantic salmon fillets, thawed and patted dry
• 1/8 cup basil pesto
• 1/2-1 tsp. lemon-pepper seasonings

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Roll out puffed pastry sheet on parchment paper. Evenly disperse the spinach; top with basil pesto. Place salmon fillets on top of spinach and pesto. Sprinkle fillets wit lemon-pepper. Fold over pastry flaps and roll up ends to seal (Somehow I missed this step in picture). Gently transfer the parchment paper and pastry onto baking sheet. Bake for 30-35 minutes until the dough puffs and is golden and flakey.

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